D – calcium pantothenate CAS: 137-08-6 vitamin B5 feed additives, food additives USP28 / BP2003
August 17, 2020
Hydroxypropyl – beta-cyclodextrin (hydroxypropyl – beta-cyclodextrin CD) is a hydroxyalkyl derivative of b-cyclodextrin
August 17, 2020

BHA is a good antioxidant, BHA is not toxic at effective concentrations. As food antioxidants can hinder the oxidation

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: germax

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: 0.1$/kg
Packaging Details: 1kg/ bag, 10kg/ box, 20kg/ box.
Delivery Time: within 3 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000kgs/month
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Properties: White Powder Purity: 99%
Packing Specifications: 1kg/ Bag, 10kg/ Box.25kgs/drum DeliveryTime: Within 3 Work Days
Production Capacity: 2000kgs/month

BHA is a good antioxidant, is not toxic at effective concentrations. As food antioxidants, can hinder the oxidation of fats and oils, slow food began to corrupt the time. In the maximum amount of food as fat shall not exceed 0.2g/kg. When an amount of 0.02% of the antioxidant effect than 0.01% by 10%, when the amount exceeds 0.02% antioxidant effect is decreased. Antioxidants for cosmetics, can acids, hydroquinone, methionine amino acid, lecithin, and sulfide, propionic acid, etc. as an anti-oxidation. Antioxidants can also be used as feed.


As a fat-soluble antioxidant BHA, suitable for fatty foods and fat-rich foods. Because of its good thermal stability, so it can be used under conditions fried or baked. Furthermore fats of animal BHA antioxidant stronger, while the unsaturated vegetable fat poor antioxidant. BHA raw beef stable ester compound pigments and oxidation inhibition. BHA and ascorbic acid, sodium tripolyphosphate and frozen pork chop combination can delay spoilage. BHA can be slightly extended spray-dried whole milk shelf life and improve the shelf life of cheese. BHA can stabilize the color of pepper and chili powder to prevent walnuts, peanuts and other foods oxidation. The BHA adding oil and salt in baking, you can keep baked goods and savory peanut flavor. Extend the shelf life of baked goods. BHA can be mixed with other fat-soluble antioxidant used, the better. Such as BHA and butylated hydroxy toluene with the use of protective carp, chicken, pork chops and frozen smoked pork slices. BHA or butylated hydroxy toluene, propyl gallate and citric acid was added to the butter used to make candy, candy inhibit oxidation.

Name CAS No.
Finasteride 98319-26-7
Flumethasone 2135-17-3
Dutasteride 164656-23-9
Budesonide 51333-22-3
Estrone 53-16-7
Estriol 50-27-1
Deflazacort 14484-47-0
Halcinonide 3093-35-4
Megestrol 3562-63-8
Meprednisone 1247-42-3
Ethinylestradiol 57-63-6
Ethistone 434-03-7
Testosterone 58-22-0
Testosterone Enanthate 315-37-7
Ketoprofen 22071-15-4
Alpha-cyclodextrin 10016-20-3
Gamma-cyclodextrin 17465-86-0
Maltose – beta cyclodextrin 104723-60-6
Hydroxypropyl – beta-cyclodextrin


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